Hours and Fees

     Dr. Hutton schedules appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, afternoons and evenings only. Her first appointment of the day is at 12:30 PM and her last appointment begins at 8:00 PM.  Sessions are 50 minutes long. Initial appointments are set up during your phone conversation with Dr. Hutton.

     At the end of each session payment is made by check or cash. Currently Dr. Hutton does not accept payment by credit card or cash card. Some people are able to receive partial reimbursement from their insurance companies, but only in the case of policies that pay benefits for outpatient psychotherapy with an "out of network" provider. In this case we provide a completed insurance form at the time of the visit, so that an immediate request for reimbursement can be made.

     Questions about appointment times and insurance can be answered by an office staff member during standard business hours Monday through Friday.